About Family and Child Life Programs

The goal of each Child Life department is to promote positive experiences for patients while maintaining developmental and normal living patterns for those with extended hospital stays. Child Life specialists are trained to help young patients cope with challenges through play, preparation, and activity. Beyond helping patients themselves, Child Life specialists work with siblings and parents in coping with the situation and in answering tough questions.

They liaise with hospital staff to explain sometimes complicated and scary procedures, treatments, and diagnoses in an age-appropriate manner. In the case of grief and bereavement, these specialists bring comfort and healing to families.


About the Wish Lists

Each Child Life department in the hospitals and medical facilities we work with maintains a wish list of much-needed items like games and art supplies to brighten the lives of children and adolescents in the hospital.

While these toys and supplies might seem ordinary, they help children and teens cope in many ways.

  • Doctor kit/playset: helps a child role-play some of their experiences
  • Crafts: can connect a patient to family members at home (by making gifts for them)
  • Video game system or laptop: helps a teenager manage being in isolation
  • Bubbles and pinwheels: exercise the lungs while also acting as an incentive spirometer
The departments themselves also need supplies with which to operate, such as arts and crafts materials, digital cameras, printers, batteries, and books.
Child Life Wish List Items - Crayons and Art Supplies