What is Child Life Wish List.org?

We help Child Life programs attain their wish list goals. We do so by raising funds through donations and special events, and by acquiring and distributing much needed supplies and materials to Child Life programs at surrounding hospitals.

Our Vision

To become a nationally accepted and utilized organization helping Child Life programs.

Our Mission

We aim to help fund Child Life programs while bringing awareness to the Child Life profession and the work that helps millions of children and young adults each year.




Our Personal Journey: Ashley

Our daughter Ashley is a Miracle Child from Rainbow Babies & Children's Hospital in Cleveland, Ohio.

In January of 1987 at the age of four, Ashley was diagnosed with Dermatomyositis, a disease that if left untreated causes inflammation of the body's major muscles including vital organs that can be fatal.

When your daughter looks into your eyes with tears and says, "Daddy, I can't walk up the steps," your own heart drops, your adrenaline surges, and your mind races. You become very frightened because you are clueless as to how to help make the pain go away and bring back smiles and laughter. The devastation is unimaginable for any parent when your child has a disease and the thoughts of the unknown are endless. Uneducated, but armed with determination, we learned how fatal this disease can be if left untreated.

For us, we were fortunate to meet an angel named Dr. Arthur Newman at Rainbow Babies & Children's Hospital who never thought twice about what to do. Our gratitude goes out to Arthur for saving our daughter's life and never second guessing what action to take. We were truly blessed.

Every January since that time, I ask Ashley, "Is everything OK, dear"? And the response has always been the same since then, "I'm good Dad, thanks for asking." Even now, when I look into her eyes I see no pain, I see no discomfort, and I see no indication that the disease has awakened. But, there's fear that one day it just may. Fear that it will creep back in and steal daddy's little girl forever.

Child Life was there for Ashley. Their support, their caring hearts, their kind words, and their love for her, for us, and for all they come into contact with everyday, never stopped then or today.


How We Came to Be

Child Life Wish List.org got it's start in a roundabout way. Our experience with Ashley's illness when she was young is what introduced us to Child Life, yet it wasn't until years later that the idea for this organization would really take off. The notion to begin a non-profit in support of Child Life actually began with the idea for our main event, Lights for Little Angels. It wasn't until later in the planning process of the event that I had the realization that Child Life programs would be the ideal beneficiary of all of our hard work.

The concept which fuels Lights for Little Angels actually began in 1996, with a thought to line 3 streets in Brecksville, OH at Christmas time with traditional luminaries—a simple candle in a bag. The visual effect when the sun went down was awe-inspiring, and there was encouragement from many to consider doing an entire city. Over time, this thought manifested into our main event, Lights for Little Angels, and eventually into our organization today.


The President's Volunteer Service Award

The President's Volunteer Service Award recognizes individuals, families, and groups that have achieved a certain standard - measured by the number of hours of service over a 12-month period or cumulative hours earned over the course of a lifetime. This award is a Presidential honor that recognizes the valuable contributions of volunteers who are answering President Barack Obama's call to serve others through their current volunteer activities or lifetime service.

President's Volunteer Service Award

As a certified 501c3 non-profit organization, we have partnered with PVSA, and are honored to extend to our volunteers our Record Of Service key - XKB-36599. Please use this key when you log your volunteer hours with us.