Lights For Little Angels

LED light stick

Plans are being set for a world record setting event.

*Details for this world record event coming soon!

Why Lights?

The concept which fuels Lights for Little Angels actually began in 1996 right here in Brecksville. It was Christmas time, and just three streets were lined with traditional luminaries—a simple candle in a bag. The visual effect when the sun went down was stunning, and there was encouragement from many to consider doing an entire city. Over time, this thought manifested into our main event, and eventually into our organization today.


About the Cause

Each hospital's Child Life program maintains a unique wish list featuring much-needed items such as cheerful coloring books and crayons, creative craft supplies, and mind-challenging games. These are the tools used by Child Life specialists each day to help fulfill their mission of comforting children, teens, and their families during an often stressful and frightening time in their lives. Proceeds from Lights for Little Angels will be divided evenly among the five hospitals and used to purchase the supplies needed to continue helping these children.


The Goal

Our goal for the world record event is to raise a minimum of $35,000 for Child Life and to bolster these traditionally underfunded departments. The event also strives to bring to light the positive difference that Child Life specialists make in a child's hospital experience. Ultimately, we wish to inspire and organize similar events around the country.

Every dollar makes a difference.


How to Get Involved


We need all the help we can get to accomplish our goal! Volunteers can sign up online for more information, but below is a list of a few important tasks that you could help out with. Learn more about volunteering.

  • PR & Marketing
  • Social Media
  • Hanging Flyers
  • Fundraising


Donations for Lights for Little Angels will go site maintenance, the event, and Child Life.

  • Individual: Donate any amount you choose, beginning at $10. Your name will be listed on our sponsors page.
  • Corporate: Donate on behalf of your business and get a spot on our map above, as well as your name on our sponsors page.

Why Not Both?

The beauty of this event is the chance to come together with people who share your interest in helping children. While you have the option to just volunteer, or just donate, we hope you'll be able to do both. When donating, you'll have the option to tell us whether or not you'll be attending Lights for Little Angels.

  • Donate to help children
  • Participate in a one-of-a-kind event
  • Make new and lasting connections