We Thought You Might Have Some Questions

We’ve done our best to explain how Child Life Wish List.org works with the Child Life program, but perhaps we left a few things out. You should find the answers you need right here.

If our FAQ’s don’t do the trick, feel free to email us or give us a call at 440-526-2000. We love to educate people about what we do.



The Basics

What is the difference between Child Life and Child Life Wish List.org?

  • Child Life is a department/program often found in children’s hospitals and medical facilities in the United States and across the globe.
  • Child Life Wish List.org is a 501c3 non-profit organization that helps fund Child Life.

Child Life Programs

What is Child Life?

Child Life is a department/program in children’s hospitals and medical facilities in the United States and across the globe. The people that work in the Child Life department are called Child Life Specialists. In simple terms, the Child Life Specialist is there to help reduce the patient’s stress, educate the patient and the patient’s parents about the procedure that will be taking place, and to act as a liaison between the hospital, patient, and patient’s parents.

Child Life Specialists also work with children and teens during and after they have undergone a procedure. Activities might include making art, as gifts for family and friends at home, blowing bubbles and pinwheels to exercise the lungs while also acting as an incentive spirometer, or providing a video game system or laptop to help a teenager manage being in isolation.

How are Child Life Programs funded?

Being an actual department in the medical facility, Child Life takes part in the facility’s overall budget. Unfortunately, like so many other focus areas in hospitals, these programs are often underfunded.

How many hospitals have Child Life?

There are approximately 468 Child Life Programs across the globe with the heaviest concentration being in the United States where just over 400 are found.

How does someone become a Child Life Specialist?

All Certified Child Life Specialists must complete a supervised 480-hour clinical internship, pass a national examination, and adhere to a minimum standard for continued professional development in order to maintain their certification.

How You Can help

How Can I Donate?

Donations are accepted in three categories: online cash donations through Network for Good, cash or volunteer donations for our Lights for Little Angels event, or donating your unused tickets through Tix4Cause. Visit our donations page for more information.

How are donations divided among the Northeast Ohio Hospitals?

Donations are divided equally among the Northeast Ohio Hospitals.

I want to do more than just donate, how can I volunteer?

We have a great need for volunteers, both throughout the year as well as at our Lights for Little Angels event. We encourage and welcome volunteers to help make our mission a success. Just visit the volunteer page for more information and how to sign up.

Lights for Little Angels

What is the Lights for Little Angels world record event?

This event will create the first of its kind, world record and we're almost ready to share the details. Participants can choose to donate, volunteer or both.

How will Lights For Little Angels NE Ohio benefit Child Life?

Each participant who makes a donation towards Lights for Little Angels NE Ohio will receive a light stick. All of the net proceeds from our event will be evenly distributed to the  Northeast Ohio hospitals. The net proceeds consist of funds left over from the cost of putting on the event. We (Child Life Wish List.org) will NOT retain funds for administrative cost.

Where did the idea come from?

The idea started with a simple evening in 1996 when three streets in Brecksville were lined with 550 traditional luminaries.

When and where is the Lights For Little Angels event held?

Lights for Little Angels will be held in 2015 at various locations throughout NE Ohio

How can I get involved with Lights For Little Angels?

You can help out with Lights for Little Angels in a number of ways. Learn more and sign up on our volunteer page.

How can I help spread the word about Lights For Little Angels?

Word of mouth and Facebook are two great ways to get started. The more people that know about our goal, the more of a success this will be. See our volunteer page on more ways to help out.